Our NYCC Recap!

Our NYCC Recap!

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New York Comic Con may be over, but Sam and I are still buzzing about our experience. From pin hauls to gushing over the cast and crew, we made sure to soak up every She-Ra filled moment that we could. Sam came on Sunday for the She-Ra panel, while I attended all four days covering some other shows, but we both had such an amazing time. 

Before we dig into the meat of the content, we wanted to take a quick moment and highlight some amazing merchandise that you definitely need to get your hands on. Han Cholo makes beautiful (and official!) She-Ra pins and jewelry that is a must-add to your collection. If you plan on attending any conventions with a She-Ra panel, we recommend hitting up their booth early as they have limited stock. Until then, check out their collection of She-Ra merchandise here!

A: Back at San Diego Comic Con, I had no idea these pins even existed. Luckily, the panel introduced me to them, and I immediately ventured to the show floor to get my hands on them. Unfortunately, due to it being right after the panel, they had already sold out of the Catra and She-Ra pins. Therefore, now I always make sure to stop at Han Cholo’s booth first. In an odd stroke of luck, I actually won their Twitter contest and received a lovely Scorpia pin (pictured in our gallery). I had all my pins on display when I met the cast, and they were a great conversation starter! I couldn’t recommend them enough. 

S: Ariel had actually let me know about these awesome pins prior to the con. I knew I wanted Catra and She-Ra at least, to go along with my Force Captain pin from Etsy. I love the sparkles on She-Ra’s pin and Catra’s leather jacket, in addition to the impeccable detail and resemblance to the show’s designs. It always makes me smile to see them among the many other fandom, LGBT+, and cat-themed enamel pins on my backpack. 

Sam got on a train to 5am to come to con! Now that’s dedication.

We were quite disappointed to discover that Her Universe wouldn’t be at New York Comic Con, as their selection of She-Ra apparel is wonderful. However, not all is lost! Most of their apparel is available online or at Hot Topic. In addition to official merchandise, we spotted a lot of prints for sale in Artist’s Alley! We anticipate that by next year’s conventions, there will be even more to add to our collections. 

Krutika Mallikarjuna (Features Editor, TV Guide) moderated the She-Ra panel, which featured showrunner Noelle Stevenson, Aimee Carrero (voice of Adora), AJ Michalka (voice of Catra), Karen Fukuhara (voice of Glimmer), and Lauren Ash (voice of Scorpia). Marcus Scribner (voice of Bow) was unfortunately unable to attend due to a conflicting Black-ish shoot. To our delight, before the panel even began, we were treated to an exclusive screening of the first episode from Season 4. The episode was both heartbreaking and hilarious, the perfect start to what we’re sure will be an emotional season (aren’t they all?). After the episode, the panelists answered a variety of questions about what we can expect from Season 4. 

The panelists.

A: The panel was incredible, but the She-Ra panels always are. Prior to the start of the panel, an MC hosted a She-Ra Fashion Show, where all the wonderful cosplayers strutted across on stage. I adored seeing the different interpretations of the characters, and the show definitely hyped up an already energetic crowd. When the panelists came out and announced that we would get to watch the first episode, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I immediately shot a text to my sister, who loves She-Ra and didn’t want to come to con, lightly gloating that we were about to watch the episode. Guess who regretted their decision not to come? I won’t go into spoilers to preserve the episode for those who have yet to see it, but I loved every minute of it. The tone definitely felt more mature, especially after the dark plot of Season 3. The episode set up very high expectations for the remainder of the season, and I cannot wait to see it. As always, the panelists brought their A-game when answering questions. They each handled their responses with an incredible amount of grace and charisma, giving just enough information to ignite the crowd without giving too much away. At the end of the panel, we were lucky enough to receive hard copies of the two Season 4 posters, which I immediately took to get signed by the cast. 

S: Because my friend and I had arrived ridiculously early to the con (I got on a train to NYC at 5 AM), we got awesome seats in the second row. Because of this, we got a close-up view of the actors and cosplayers, as well as a great spot to watch the first episode of Season 4. The energy in the room was electrifying, especially as we witnessed shocking plot events or juicy answers to moderator questions. I felt the most exuberance and relief when Noelle announced the season air date (only a month away!) and the 13-episode drop. This show is such a gift to experience, and being in the presence of its creator and cast is no different. The women on stage were well-spoken, thoughtful, and funny. She-Ra seems to be just as special to its actors and creators as it is to the growing fandom, whose enthusiasm in the panel’s audience was deafening. At the panel’s conclusion, a matching set of posters (Rebellion and Horde) were available at the mainstage’s exit. Now whenever I sit down to do my college homework, I get to see Lord Catra smugly smiling down at me from her throne. It’s not the conventional “Hang in There” cat-dangling-from-a-tree poster, but I’m pretty motivated anyway. 

A: After the panel followed a signing session by the She-Ra panelists. In order to attend the signing, you had to win the NYCC lottery, which I was unable to enter with my press badge. Never one to be discouraged, I headed for the signing anyway, hoping they would let in some people on standby. It was in the standby line that I met Sam’s friend, Sandy, an incredible artist with unbridled excitement over the possibility of meeting the cast and crew. They have these insane tattoos of First One’s writing and were very excited to show them to the cast and Noelle. Luckily for us, we were let into the signing. I’d met the cast before, at San Diego Comic Con, but honestly, I will probably never get enough of interacting with them. 

It’s incredibly humbling to see these stunning women in person, each of them incredibly kind and taking time to have a conversation with every fan in line. I was most excited to meet AJ, who I hadn’t yet met and had recently seen perform on tour with her sister. Like many people, I’d grown up listening to Aly and AJ’s music, and given that she voices my favorite character on She-Ra, I was definitely a little starstruck. Other than meeting her, my favorite moments from the signing were everyone’s reactions to my She-Ra pins, as well as Lauren’s photobombing of my picture with AJ. 

Best photobomb, ever!

S: I won the lottery for the cast signing, so I found myself pretty close to the front of the line (thank you, fate, for this one). Although Season 4 posters were distributed at the signing, I had actually brought something of my own: a gorgeous page from the first She-Ra chapter book, illustrated by Amanda Schank. 

Beautiful, right?

Although I find every She-Ra cast member delightful, I was especially excited to meet series creator Noelle Stevenson, whose work I’ve followed since her 2012 webcomic Nimona. As a young lesbian writer, I aspire to tell stories as unique and full of heart as Stevenson has. No other piece of media has made me feel more seen and known than She-Ra. Fangirling aside, I wanted Stevenson to know that by telling these commonly neglected stories, she’s making the world a better place. Expressing all that during a 45-second exchange was daunting, but achievable—even if it came off a little sappy. 

She-Ra always brings the fun at conventions, and this year’s New York Comic Con was no exception. It saddens us to think that the show will be over soon, and I for one hope that it’s delayed enough to warrant panels at next year’s SDCC and NYCC so that more people will get the chance to experience them. All in all, it was a fabulous experience from start to finish, and we cannot wait until the next convention. 


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