Prepare for Trouble… and make it Double!

Prepare for Trouble… and make it Double!

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No, Team Rocket isn’t coming to She-Ra; though that would certainly be an interesting crossover, to say the least.

In case you somehow missed it, Netflix announced that Season Four of She-Ra will introduce its first nonbinary character! Double Trouble, voiced by the wonderful Jacob Tobia, is a shapeshifting mercenary with quite a mischievous streak. Or at least, that’s our impression.

Speaking about their character, Tobia wrote, “I’ve dreamed of playing a nonbinary, shapeshifting goblin-elf-princess and now I can say I’ve done it!” Double Trouble will make their mark as the first (known) nonbinary character on the series. She-Ra has always been great about including LGBTQ+ representation, and Double Trouble only serves as another fantastic addition.

In addition to being a shapeshifter, Double Trouble is described as quite a thespian, treating their shapeshifting ability like an acting job. As a result, they spend a fair amount of time studying their characters in order to master their target’s movement, voice, and behavior. From the little preview, we get a quick glimpse of how Double Trouble is able to transform into Catra. This can only spell out trouble for the Princess Alliance, and I’m relishing in excitement to see it play out.

Want a closer look at Double Trouble and see what Tobia has to say about them? Check out the video below!


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