Breaking Down the Season 4 Trailer

Breaking Down the Season 4 Trailer

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In case you’re still reeling in shock from the epic Season 4 trailer, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There’s still a few days before the season will grace our screens, so in the meantime, we thought it might be interesting to break down the highlights of the new trailer and see what we can expect from the coming season.

Queen Glimmer of Brightmoon

The first few moments of the trailer come from episode 1, which we saw at NYCC. The episode centers around Glimmer’s coronation and the troubles leading up to it, including decor trouble, a mystical quest, and Glimmer’s pain over the loss of Angella. At some points you’ll laugh, at others, you’ll try really hard to keep from crying; so really, a perfect start for the season to come!

Catra Rises in Power

Glimmer isn’t the only one rising in ranks. Catra seems to have cemented herself as Hordak’s second-in-command, with her previous failures forgotten. Her new look is sharper, darker, perhaps highlighting the loss of the softer elements of her personality. From the first episode, it’s made clear that she’s not here to play games this season. With nothing more to lose, she’s ready to seize control by any means necessary, even if that means losing more of herself in the process. I, for one, am unsure of how long this power will last. After all, once Hordak discovers that she lied to him about Entrapta’s betrayal, big trouble could be in store for Catra this season.

A Spy in the Rebellion

One of the most worrying (and entertaining, thanks to Mermista) moments of the trailer is talks of a Horde spy among the Rebellion. This spy appears to be sneaking details of the Rebellion’s plan to the Horde, thus thwarting any move the Rebellion makes. Is it too obvious to assume that the spy could be newcomer Double Trouble? With their shapeshifting abilities, it would make them the perfect candidate to mess things up for the Rebellion. Per Mermista, everyone is a suspect. Thus, maybe we shouldn’t point fingers at Double Trouble so quickly. Still, regardless of who it is, the spy seems to be wrecking the Rebellion singlehandedly.

Deep Trouble For the Crew

We get a few daunting shots in the trailer, highlighting some potential trouble at the Crystal Castle and an unknown location. Earlier in the trailer, Adora is seen asking Light hope for information of how to defeat the Horde. Could this information be what’s causing the corruption in the castle? Or is the Horde finally implementing their final blow, hoping to crush She-Ra and the Rebellion once and for all?

More Focus on Spinerella and Netossa

We haven’t yet spent a lot of time with the happy couple of the Princess Alliance, but we see quite a few shots of them with She-Ra in the trailer. Could they be on a mission with Adora to help their homeland? We’re can’t say for sure, but I am eager and excited to (hopefully) see more of the two.

New and Returning Characters

We already knew about the arrival of Double Trouble, but the trailer hints at a few additional characters we’ll meet this season. I’m intrigued by the pinkish character standing by She-Ra, Glimmer and Bow (Flutterina, perhaps?), as well as the various side characters seen throughout. We also welcome the return of Huntara! I was worried that we wouldn’t see her very much after her debut in Season 3, but it seems she’s made herself comfortable among the Princess Alliance.

A Friendship in Danger

If you were worried by the voiceover of Glimmer’s harsh words to Adora, you’re definitely not alone. We know that Glimmer’s strategies can lean on the extreme, but it seems that Adora might not agree with one of them. One can only hope that this was a short argument and that their friendship can be salvaged, but it’s She-Ra, so anything can happen.

The War is Escalating

Between Horde Prime’s imminent arrival and the talk of summoning the magic of Etheria, it’s clear that things are only heating up in the war. There are too many images to individually break down, but we feel pretty comfortable in assuming that things are going to get pretty serious this season. I can only hope that the characters will make it through without too much lasting trauma.

We’re super excited for Season 4 and to see what this incredible show has in store for us. Our predictions might be wrong, but we feel pretty confident in these vague ones based on the trailer. Only one way to find out, right? Don’t miss the fourth season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, airing at 12AM PST on Netflix worldwide!


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