She-Ra, According to Four Rookies

She-Ra, According to Four Rookies

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Hello, Sam here! For today’s article, I asked four people from my life with varying degrees of She-Ra knowledge to explain their thoughts on various character designs and screencaps from the show. I’ve compiled their responses, in a surprisingly extensive dossier, for your personal enjoyment below!

The Participants:

  • Laurie, 47, Music Teacher, Mom, Wife, Theater Enthusiast
  • Rob, 48, Software Development
  • Connor, 21, Film Student
  • Richie, 20, College Student

What is your connection to Sam?

Laurie: I am her mom.
Rob: Father.
Connor: Sam and I have been friends for a little over three years.
Richie: Sometimes she breaks into my house to pet my cat.

What exposure have you had to the OG Masters of the Universe franchise?

Laurie: My brother and I watched the show and had all the action figures and Castle Greyskull.
Rob: Seen commercials for the toys in the 80’s.
Connor: I have watched the first three episodes [of He-Man].
Richie: I watched HEYAYAYAYEA on YouTube when I was a kid, so I’m basically an expert.

What exposure have you had to She-Ra 2018?

Laurie: I watched one episode and have listened to Sam talk about it.
Rob: My daughter is an aficionado.
Connor: I watched the first two episodes.
Richie: Sam’s Twitter (and the first 10 episodes of Season 1).

Summarize She-Ra 2019 with the knowledge you have:

Laurie: Adora and Catra are raised by a manipulative abusive mother figure. Adora leaves and discovers she is She-Ra and then meets a lot of nice characters. The show is very LGBTQ+ inclusive.
Rob: Gay icon.
Connor: It’s about this girl named Adora who used to work with this evil group called The Horde (I think). She met this princess named Glimmer and a dude named Bow. They told her the Horde was evil and then she got a sword that lets her become a (mythical princess from the past?) named She-ra. Now she fights against the Horde, but her best friend/girlfriend named Catra is still a part of the Horde, introducing one of the big conflicts of the show.
Richie: Being a bad guy was hard, so Adora decides to leave and become a Magical Girl instead.

First, I asked participants to name and describe each character.

Laurie: Adora/She-Ra. She gets tall when she uses the sword and she is very dramatic. She makes a lot of noises when she fights battles.

Rob: Link from The Legend of Zelda

Connor: She-Ra

Richie: Adora (She-Ra Mode). Found a magic sword, comes with a cool new outfit. Hope the sword gives a different outfit in the winter, looks like she’d get cold. :/

Laurie: Wait, this is Adora.

Rob: Super Nova. Swords are scary to dudes who aren’t comfortable with gender equality.

Connor: Adora. The main character of the show, she now fights against the Horde. She’s gay and in love with Catra.

Richie: Adora (Adora Mode)

Laurie: Catra. I don’t know why she is part cat. 

Rob: ItchyScratchy

Connor: Catra. Her and Adora are childhood friends, they both were trained by The Shadow Weaver (I think?) and were soldiers in the Horde. Her and Adora are now on opposing sides but still have a connection. She is also gay and in love with Adora.

Richie: Catra. The only valid catgirl.

Laurie: Crop Top Robin Hood

Rob: Eros

Connor: Bow. He’s a cool archer dude who has a crush on Glimmer.

Richie: Bow. I like him. Makes me wonder—is he into archery because of his name? What if he picked up a sword and liked that more? Would he still be Bow?

Laurie: Glitter Cutie Pie. She lets her mom pick her haircut and clothing. She wants to sit at the grown up table at Thanksgiving.

Rob: Punch’n Judy

Connor: Glimmer

Richie: Glimmer (?). She did that thing kids do where you find a squirrel and take it home as a pet and hide it from your mom, except instead of a pet squirrel it’s the legendary Chosen One that’s gonna save everybody.

Laurie: Lobster Claw Lady. Are those claws part of her body or an accessory?  They would probably make eating and using a cell phone very awkward.

Rob: Scorpi-OH

Connor: Scorpia. She is the girl that Catra starts dating to make Adora jealous, and I’m pretty sure they go to prom together. 

Richie: Scorpia. How does she hold small objects? Could she drive a car? I liked her princess prom dress. She deserves good things.

Laurie: Mechanic Barbie

Rob: RapunZul

Connor: Melody, the Hair Mechanic. She’s a member of the Horde with ability to control her hair. She is also a mechanic who builds weapons and vehicles for the Horde. She is a really chill person, though, and I kind of just want to be her friend. 

Richie: The Smart One. The scary friend who doesn’t understand why she’s the scary friend. Probably an INTJ. Has an anime profile picture on Twitter.

Next, I showed participants out-of-context moments from the show and asked them what they thought was happening.

Laurie: Baby Catra is crying because her scary cat mom pulled too hard trying to brush her tangled hair.

Rob: “I think your eyes are beautiful, too…”

Connor: Catra is sadly reflecting on a simpler time when she and Adora were younger. Based on the tear in her eye, Adora is helping her.

Richie: Sans Undertale

Rob: “Atari 2600 game music is so soothing.”

Connor: The hair mechanic built a lot of robots, and one of them has a really rad beard.

Richie: Entrapta is a MASTER of hide-and-seek.

Laurie: “I told you! You must exfoliate every day so your skin doesn’t turn out like mine! I’m only 26 years old!”

Rob: “But what I really want to do is play the lead in Annie…”

Richie: The aftermath of Lizard Fight Club.

Laurie: Adora remembers the time she killed her real mother by accidentally giving her poison flowers for her birthday.

Rob: “Really, do you have to show me my future? Won’t it come quickly enough?”

Connor: Adora gets advice from the Council of Holograms.

Richie: Adora faces her greatest fear, holograms in a laser tag arena.

Laurie: “Jesus Christ, Mom! Don’t FaceTime me while I’m in the bathroom!”

Rob: Sean Spicer is on Dancing with the Stars?!?!

Richie: Kyle is jealous that Catra has her own TV show and he does not.

Laurie: Adora’s credit card is declined at a yoga class.

Connor: Adora is reacting to aggression from Glimmer, while Hot Pirate Prince adopts a battle pose.

Richie: Adora refuses to take part in Sea Hawk’s new aerobics routine.

Rob: The most awkward post-wedding bouquet catch ever.

Connor: They’re waiting to get married, but the officiator just said/did something wrong.

Richie: Princess Bubblegum and her wife are unhappy with the wedding cake, and the staff fears for their job security.

Laurie: Catra joins Josie and the Pussycats and tours the universe singing bad 70’s pop music.

Connor: Catra is really proud that she broke someone’s computer.

Richie: Catra destroys her multi-monitor setup in a fit of gamer rage after losing her fifth League of Legends match in a row.

Laurie: “It took a couple of days, but I finally passed this weird-looking kidney stone.”

Rob: “100 bucks to swallow this? No problem, sucka!”

Connor: A unicorn is grossed out by the gladiator’s spider friend.

Laurie: “Stop playing Hamilton!”

Connor: Catra is made uncomfortable by her clone.

Richie: Me avoiding advice from the person ruining my life (also me).

Laurie: “I’m sorry, ma’am, I’m having trouble hearing you. The new iPhone Claw is glitchy.”

Rob: Sigh… to be together at last.

Connor: Catra is making moves on Adora, who’s really into it.

Richie: Catra hasn’t fully grasped the concept of slapping someone, but Adora doesn’t mind at all.

Laurie: This clip should be in a montage with early 90’s grunge music.

Rob: “That sword has seen me through so much — but now it’s time to turn the page.”

Richie: When you drop a nice plate on the ground…

Laurie: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” “We get mani-pedis?” “Um, no.”

Rob: “It wasn’t me. It was the dog.”

Connor: Catra is on an awkward date with a princess.

Richie: Catra and Glimmer’s awkward car ride home after Catra got in a fight at PetCo.

I asked participants to describe whatever they’ve got going on.

Laurie: I have no words. Sorry. Too much subtext to interpret without context.

Connor: They have a kind of Romeo and Juliet / Eve and Villanelle thing going on. Two people who are made for each other but are forced apart by opposing ideologies.

Richie: Friends to enemies to frenemies to friends to enemies to lovers.

I’ll close with the best answer in this entire article, responding to the prompt above:

Rob: The universe is a brighter place when you explore it together.


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