Our Top 5 Moments From Season 4

Our Top 5 Moments From Season 4

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You know, when I asked our team to rank their favorite moments from Season 4, I thought our lists would vary wildly. To my surprise, however, we picked quite a few of the same moments. The writers this season were clearly on the top of their games, and I’m anxiously awaiting to see what they’ll bring to the final thirteen episodes. So, without any further delay, here are our top five moments from She-Ra Season 4!

5. Catra saving Glimmer from Horde Prime

If you so much utter the words ‘Catra Redemption’ around a She-Ra fan, you’ll most likely get a very positive response out of them. Catra’s redemption arc is one of the most highly-anticipated plotlines of the show, and with 13 episodes to go, we were starting to get a little worried. While it was hard watching Catra spiral down to her lowest point in Season 4, Double Trouble’s cathartic call-out finally allowed her to realize that being the bad guy wasn’t what she wanted. When she ‘saved’ Glimmer from Horde Prime, it seemed that Catra was finally taking the first step towards a path of redemption. A small step, sure, but she had to start somewhere, right?

4. Scorpia calling Catra a bad friend and finally leaving the Horde

I think Scorpia was the MVP this season. Or at least, deserving the title of ‘Most Improved’. While we always knew she had a heart of gold, it was rough to see her continue to be such a positive presence in a toxic relationship. Here at Princesses of Power, we love Catra, but we also won’t excuse her awful behavior this season. I cheered when Scorpia finally realized that it was too late to help Catra and instead focused her efforts on helping Entrapta, her one true friend, instead. We know that Catra will realize the errors of her ways, but for now, Scorpia deserves so much better. It was truly amazing to see her finally make that decision and leave the Horde for Entrapta’s sake.

3. The entirety of ‘Hero’

Mara’s backstory remained one of the show’s most intriguing mysteries for three and a half seasons. While Season 3 teased that she hadn’t gone crazy and destroyed the world (like Light Hope told Adora), we wanted to see the truth for ourselves. And boy, did the She-Ra team deliver. I can gush about ‘Hero’ for ages, but I’ll withhold for the time being. Mara’s sacrifice, while answering many questions, was an emotionally triggering episode that left many fans (myself included) in tears. If you’ll excuse me, I think I feel a need for some pie.

2. Adora breaking the sword and leaving the future of She-Ra uncertain

Yes, I know, Adora had to break the sword in order to foil Light Hope’s plan and save Etheria. This moment was beautifully shot and constructed, a powerful chance for Adora to prove herself and save the world despite her fate. But… what comes next? There’s the true mystery! We know that there’s a chance Adora will still be able to connect to She-Ra without the sword, per Madame Razz’s words to Mara in ‘Hero’, but the ‘how’ remains to be explored. With Horde Prime planning to take Etheria’s magic for his own, Adora better find out quickly.

Before I get to our top choice, I wanted to note a few very honorable mentions!

Mermista’s rock-ballad in ‘Boys’ Night Out’

Kyle, Lonnie and Rogelio in ‘Protocol’

Perfuma and Huntara

Last but not least, this spectacular moment, which we can only assume is ‘Gay Baby Jail’

And now, if you haven’t guessed it already, our #1 moment from Season 4!

1. Double Trouble calling out Catra on her behavior

How could this not be our top moment? Double Trouble truly served this season, working both sides to their absolute pleasure. The culmination of this work resulted in betraying Catra rather viciously, though they claimed it was for her own good. Which, it probably was, given that it broke Catra enough to save Glimmer from Horde Prime. While I didn’t agree with everything Double Trouble said (I don’t think Catra is to blame for Shadow Weaver), they were right in calling out her toxic behavior so she could start to fix it. Catra wouldn’t be Catra without her signature snark, but I do think this callout made her start realizing the error of her ways.

What were your favorite moments from Season 4? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter!


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