Our Favorite Entrapta Moments!

Our Favorite Entrapta Moments!

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Happy Birthday Entrapta! Let’s be real, who doesn’t love the science-oriented, morally gray princess? From the second we met her in Dryl, she’s held a special place in our hearts as a smart and quirky chaotic neutral icon. To celebrate the purple-haired hacker princess, we decided to post some of our favorite Entrapta moments! It was hard to narrow down our favorites from so many great moments, but these seven really stood out and sum up what we love about her.

1. The Social Experiment

All the drama at Princess Prom served as a perfect environment for our favorite scientist to learn all about the other princesses! Entrapta’s chaotically neutral behavior truly shone in this episode, especially during her interaction with Catra and Adora. She was quite happy to lurk in the background, eating tiny food while observing partygoers and their interpersonal conflicts.

2. True Friends

Towards the end of season three, Adora came clean to Entrapta and apologized for leaving her behind in the Fright Zone. Though Entrapta was skeptical, Adora gave her a wake-up call and helped her understand that Catra didn’t have her best interests in mind. It is this realization that convinced Entrapta to run more tests on the portal and come to the conclusion that it is far too dangerous. Even though the portal was opened anyway, we got to see that Entrapta’s heart was in the right place.

3. The Creation of Emily

Let’s face it: we all wish we had an Emily. She’s cute, helpful, and created entirely out of Entrapta’s own brilliance. The techy princess created Emily from a Horde-bot, and has served as quite a useful tool, and friend, ever since. Emily’s creation served as Entrapta’s inauguration into the Horde, which drastically changed the course of the series. Though Emily and Entrapta have been apart for some time now, we know that a reunion will soon be on the horizon.

4. The Heart of Etheria

Was there any real doubt that Entrapta not only survived Beast Island, but thrived there? Surrounded by discarded First One’s tech, Entrapta set to work and figured out every detail about the Heart of Etheria project long before Adora arrived. So really, without Entrapta’s brilliant mind and survival skills, Season 4 could have ended way differently. Thank you, Entrapta!

5. “Imperfection is beautiful, at least to me.”

Entrapta has always been a wonderful representative of embracing one’s quirks and uniqueness, and this moment from Season Three is no different. Not only did Entrapta encourage viewers to love themselves and all their perceived flaws, but she brought out a side of Hordak we never thought we would see in the show. This powerful scene gave us an awful lot to think about, but mostly it made us happy to have such an insightful and intelligent character to look up to.

What’s your favorite Entrapta moment? We’d love to hear! Let us know by leaving a comment here or on our Twitter!


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