She-Ra Merch We Wish Existed

She-Ra Merch We Wish Existed

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For some people, it’s stickers. For others, it’s clothing. For me, it’s enamel pins. 

Luckily, there’s already a ton of licensed and unlicensed merchandise available for She-Ra fans. My favorites that I own are pins from Han Cholo and the inconspicuous Catra First Ones’ Language long sleeve shirt.

In addition to these, you can find She-Ra clothes from Hot Topic’s Her Universe Collection, like this Adora Bomber Jacket, and dolls from Mattel (obviously). 

I’d also recommend exploring sites like Redbubble and Etsy for original prints, keychains, pins, and even zines made by and for She-Ra fans. 

I love the She Ra merch that’s already out there, but I think the world could always use more. I took the liberty of brainstorming some ideas:

Sea Hawk’s Sea Shanties, Streaming Exclusively on Tidal

Playing this fire album might set your ship (or car) ablaze. (Please appreciate my fantastic ocean pun.) 

 Light Hope for Amazon Alexa

If the disembodied robot eavesdropping on your home didn’t freak you out enough, try Light Hope for Alexa! She can play your music, control your lights, and avoid all your burning questions. Warning: This technology is known to manipulate its administrators with extreme consequences. Caution is advised.

Scorpia’s Famous Soothing Tea

Are you an unstable Horde Lord running on two hours of sleep, or, like, a college student? You could probably use this herbal beverage. It won’t fix your many problems, but at least the scalding liquid will make you feel something inside.

Emily the Robot

We all could use a sentient robot to eviscerate our enemies and/or snuggle. This large round robot is an external hard drive, top-of-the-line security device, and, most importantly, a friend.

Catra’s Leather Jacket

This replica garment has it all— style, durability, and symbolism. For the honor of Catra, start your girl gang today!

She Ra Dungeons & Dragons

Explore Etheria with your own Princess Rebellion! Learn magic, fight Horde soldiers, and uncover the secrets of the First Ones. Comes with Bow’s customizable figurines. 

Everyone’s Princess Prom Outfits

Whether you’re attending junior prom or your step-brother’s wedding, you’ll look fantastic in these fits. For a limited time only, get a discounted matching set for yourself and your nemesis-slash-girlfriend. Flirty banter and breathtaking dip not included.

Do you think these ideas have potential? Do you have She Ra merch of your own that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!


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