10 Things Scorpia Deserves in Season 5

10 Things Scorpia Deserves in Season 5

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If there’s one thing everyone in the She-ra fandom can agree on, it’s that Scorpia is the kindest, purest, most genuine person in all of Etheria. She’s perfect. But in the past two seasons, Scorpia has been through a lot, suffered and faced numerous challenges. As such, we made a list of the Top 10 things Scorpia deserves in the upcoming final season. If there’s anything you think we missed, let us know in the comments below.

1. An apology from Catra

While we know Catra was dealing with her own demons and internal struggles, that doesn’t excuse her hurtful actions. Scorpia remained loyal, stayed by Catra’s side longer than anyone else, only to be hurt again and again. Even after Scorpia left, for the sake of her own mental and emotional health, it’s likely that she still believes in Catra. If these two can reconcile next season, if Catra can offer an honest, heartfelt apology, then their relationship has the potential to grow and become even stronger.

2. Supportive friends who appreciate her hugs

Scorpia gives the best hugs—she’s said so herself. But it seems like nobody appreciates them, apart from loopy Adora and a few of the princesses. If Scorpia can dish out some hugs, and get hugged back, well, I’d be pretty happy.

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3. A reunion of the Super Pal Trio

Let’s get them all together again and give them a night off. No wars or fighting. Maybe some Netflix or a game night with the Best Friend Squad. These kids have earned a break, don’t you think?

4. A sweater from Castaspella

I can literally picture Scorpia’s face upon receiving a personalized sweater—the love, the joy, the shining happy puppy dog eyes. C’mon, she deserves this!

5. A friendship with Adora

Okay, it’s not necessary, but these two have a fun dynamic and I think they’d be great friends. They’re both a couple of goofy jocks with great chemistry whenever they’re on screen together. Plus, they both love Catra and would probably go to the gym together, so shared interests!

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6. The truth about her family and queendom

Scorpia was originally told, by the Horde, that her people allied with the Horde, willingly gave up their land, their resources, and their people to the cause. But knowing how the Horde controls their soldiers through misinformation, this is likely untrue. The Horde are colonizers who took Scorpia’s queendom from her, whether they presented it as a good thing or not. While Scorpia has since formed a new family, with the Super Pal Trio and the Princess Alliance, it would be satisfying to see her learn the truth, to rediscover her culture and people, to possibly be reunited with her moms. It’s not necessary for the plot of course, as the show focuses on the power of found families and friendship, but it would be interesting to say the least.

7. Another Scorpia-centric episode

Okay, this is more of a throw away idea, but can you imagine a Scorpia episode where only nice things happen? Scorpia Goes to the Beach and Has a Good Day. Scorpia Goes to the Park and Pets a Puppy. Scorpia Gets a Hug, Unprovoked, from Catra. I mean, I’d watch it.

8. A new, non-Horde outfit

As with Adora, Scorpia is long overdue for a new outfit. She looked stunning at Princess Prom, and we the fans want to see more Style Icon Scorpia. It seems like this wish might come true, as suggested by some subtle hints by Noelle Stevenson on Twitter.


9. A supportive partner who loves and appreciates her

Scorpia is a strong, independent scorpion woman. But also, she deserves love. True, undying, romantic love. Because she’s perfect and sweet and anyone would be lucky to have her. There are many, many ships in this fandom, but personally, I’m leaning towards Perfuma or Lonnie. Both of these women have looked to Scorpia and seen her as the capable, loveable person she is. And that, to me, seems like a good place to start.


10. The whole world

Honestly, Scorpia deserves the whole world. Give this precious, giant scorpion lady whatever she wants because she’s earned it.

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And that’s our top 10! If there’s anything you think we missed, let us know in the comments or reach out on Twitter.


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