She-Ra Season Five Predictions

She-Ra Season Five Predictions

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With an official release date for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power season 5, the fandom is absolutely quaking in anticipation. Plenty of theories have been thrown around since Season Four wrapped up, but with the final episodes just a couple months away, we decided to put together a list of our predictions and hopes for the new season.

1. Adora will finally get a new outfit

Although she’s still wearing that red, shoulder-padded jacket in the reveal posters, we’re hoping that sometime over the course of thirteen episodes, she’ll get a wardrobe change befitting a hero. Both Catra and Glimmer have gotten awesome upgrades, so it’s just a matter of time before we see our protagonist get the same treatment. She’s already on her way without the signature hair poof, though I personally hope it makes a triumphant return.

2. Glimmer and Catra will become friends

Stuck on Horde Prime’s ship, these two have a lot of time to spend together. I’m sure it won’t be easy for Glimmer to forgive the one whose actions resulted in her mother’s disappearance, but perhaps with some genuine conversation, they can begin to see eye to eye. They’ve always been foils, so they can understand each other’s motivations and goals better than anyone else. What both of them have needed for a long time is someone to listen. Now, that’s all they have.

3. Adora will fall off a cliff (twice)

As silly as this prediction may sound, it’s already been confirmed by creator Noelle Stevenson.

Will these instances be a result of heart-racing action, or Adora’s usual brain-damaged nonsense? We’ll have to wait and see. Considering the nature of the tweet, many fans are speculating that the third time she’s about to fall, Catra will catch her, similarly to how she did in “Promise.” Could this be where we finally see the long awaited “you’re welcome” the Crew-Ra has teased?

4. Entrapta will play a big part in defeating Horde Prime

Entrapta is arguably the smartest character in the series and certainly the most tech-savvy of all the Princesses. After being rescued from Beast Island and reminded of who her true friends are, she’s ready to spring back into action. The promise of new, alien technology must be pretty enticing, too. Furthermore, it’s clear there’s some chemistry between her and Hordak; whether romantic or not, their relationship has become an important aspect of the story. We don’t know exactly what Horde Prime did to his clone, but if anyone can figure out a way to reverse it, it’s Entrapta.

5. Glimmer will be reunited with her father

Despite Micah returning to Bright Moon at the end of season 4, he still hasn’t gotten a chance to see his daughter. Once he learns where Glimmer’s been taken, he’ll stop at nothing to rescue her. It’s sure to be an emotional reunion, especially considering Angella’s situation. But maybe together, Glimmer and her father will find a way to get her back.

6. Adora will realize her power without the Sword

We’ve heard it many times from Madame Razz: “She-Ra is not a sword. She-Ra is you.” We can’t wait to finally see this come to fruition. Without the sword she’s relied on for strength, Adora feels lost and powerless. But we all know that her power comes from inside. Her will and desire to help the people she cares about is twice as powerful as any First Ones-crafted weapon.

7. Catra will join the Rebellion

This is something everyone has been looking forward to. “Catra redemption arc” is probably the hottest topic in the fandom. With only thirteen episodes left, it’s now or never. Noelle mentioned in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that after the season 4 finale, Catra has no direction, and doesn’t know what’s next for her. She probably doubts that forgiveness is in the cards, but seeing as she protected Glimmer from Horde Prime, she’s on the right track. If she befriends Glimmer and escapes with her, she’ll be reunited with Adora, Scorpia, and Entrapta, and have to face all the pain she’s caused. However, with Glimmer vouching for her, I think the princesses will see her genuine change of heart and welcome her with open arms. This will also give Catra and Adora a chance to really talk. About their feelings towards each other, the ways they’ve hurt one another, but most importantly, they can rekindle the friendship that’s been such a point of contingency throughout the show.

8. Shadow Weaver will get what she deserves

We’ve seen time and time again how Shadow Weaver’s hunger for power has turned her into a malicious, manipulative being. From Micah, to Adora and Catra, to Glimmer, she’s done nothing but play her own self-serving game. With the show coming to a close, we’re ready to see some consequences for her actions. She’ll be surrounded by all the people she’s hurt and toyed with, and I doubt they’ll be as forgiving, considering her lack of remorse.

9. The Fright Zone will be liberated, and Scorpia will reclaim her crown

If our heroes manage to defeat Horde Prime, there will be no Horde on Etheria, and thus no Fright Zone. The land once belonged to Scorpia’s family; her mothers ruled until they were forced to give it all up to Hordak (though she’s been led to believe otherwise). She’s been connected with her runestone and we’ve seen the immense power it’s granted her. We think this, combined with her compassionate nature, will make her a wonderful queen. As for the remaining Horde soldiers, those who surrender might just become her new subjects!

10. A wedding

Last but certainly not least, our biggest hope for season 5 is to see a wedding. At a panel, Noelle Stevenson reminisced about seeing two cosplayers get engaged, and a fan suggested putting something similar in the show. Though she stayed quiet, Noelle gave a knowing look that has everyone excited. While it may be wishful thinking, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Who do you think we’ll see tie the knot? Will it be Catra and Adora? Mermista and Sea Hawk? Maybe even Entrapta and Hordak? No one knows, and that’s what makes the prospect so exciting!

Do you have any other predictions for Season Five? We have two whole months left to speculate, so leave us a comment with your thoughts, or send it our way on Twitter! Stay safe and healthy, and get ready for what’s sure to be an extraordinary conclusion to the incredible series that is She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.


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