Noelle Stevenson Answers 15 Fan Questions on Twitter

Noelle Stevenson Answers 15 Fan Questions on Twitter

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Over the weekend, fans were prompted by Noelle to send her their most burning questions about She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Today, the Dreamworks She-Ra account released the answers to fifteen of those questions, and they were an absolute blast to listen to! Noelle answered a variety of questions, ranging from Catra’s backstory to how the moons of Etheria work. Did you catch the answers to all fifteen questions? If you didn’t, no worries! We’ve compiled them all for you down below!

  1. Will we get more Double Trouble [in Season 5]?

Noelle answered that we will, but we should keep an eye out because we may not recognize them at first.

2. Which character would break first during Quarantine?

Scorpia! Noelle explained that it would be very hard for her to be unable to hug her friends.

3. Who [does Noelle] think Catra would get along with the best out of the rebellion members?

Surprisingly, the highly underrated Netossa. Noelle answered that Netossa would be a good influence on Catra and a good role model.

4. How does Etheria have daytime and a sun if the planet got sent to an empty, dark dimension?

Noelle explained that the moons and their magic are actually behind the daylight/sun in Etheria.

5. [Will we get a] She-Ra soundtrack soon?

Noelle didn’t exactly confirm that we will, but we will get something musically special soon. Thanks to an earlier sneak peak showing AJ Michalka (voice of Catra) in the recording studio, we feel pretty confident in inferring that AJ likely recorded some type of song for the show.

6. What happened to Catra’s family?

Unfortunately, Noelle confirmed that Catra is indeed an orphan; sorry Magicat family-reunion hopers. But, because of her lack of family, Catra is able to build herself up from nothing and make something very powerful of herself.

7. What would the characters’ real-life college majors be?

According to Noelle, Glimmer would be an art major, Adora would have a sports scholarship, Bow would be a history major, and Catra… would major in chaos and insomnia. Also, notice how Catra was grouped with the Best Friend Squad? Very interesting…

8. As a creator how [is Noelle] able to keep show secrets? Many fans binge the show and can’t contain talking about it.

Turns out, it’s pretty hard! Noelle thanks the Dreamworks PR person, Seth, for always helping her to keep a lid on spoiling things.

9. What is Catra’s favorite number? It was the code to open the door. Is it when Adora and Catra met? Is it a random number? Or does it have a meaning?

It does have a meaning! Noelle explained that the number is sort of an ‘inside joke’ between Catra and Adora, likely from their memories of growing up together.

10. Which character would go viral on Tik Tok and why?

Noelle was certain that it would be Bow. We agree, he definitely has Tik Tok potential.

11. What scene made [Noelle] cry the most?

While Noelle prefaced that it’s pretty hard to make her cry (since she is the showrunner, after all), she credits the amazing music for brining her to tears during a certain moment in Season 5.

12. What was Catra and Adora’s favorite thing to do together when they were growing up in the Horde?

Given that ‘fun’ wasn’t exactly on the Horde’s list of priorities, Noelle answered that Catra and Adora likely made up their own games, such as ‘the floor is lava’.

13. Why did the ‘Heart of Etheria’ activate only with the runestones from five princesses? Why were Netossa and Spinerella left out?

Noelle explained that the princesses with runestones have more of an ‘elemental’ type of power and a stronger connection with nature. Hence, they were the ones needed to activate the ‘Heart of Etheria’.

14. Did you have an idea of what you wanted the characters to sound like? For example, did you want Catra’s voice to sound sultry when she says “Hey Adora”, or when Bow has his cute little voice crack?

Noelle credits this one to the amazing talent of the voice actors. While she did ask for specific things in recording sessions, she’s generally playing off what the voice actors had already provided. We love the stellar talent of the entire cast.

15. Where is the trailer Noelle please?

While we were all hoping that today would be the day, Noelle promised that we would get the trailer soon. In fact, it could be any time in the next two weeks! We all just need to be a little more patient, and she promised that Season 5 would be more than worth it.

That’s a wrap on all the fan questions. We’re so grateful that Noelle gave us all a little bit of entertainment by answering these questions. Hopefully we’ll be getting some more Season 5 content soon!

Season 5 of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power will air on May 15th on Netflix.


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