Breaking Down the Season Five Trailer

Breaking Down the Season Five Trailer

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It’s finally here, everyone! After weeks of no news, the trailer is out and it’s incredible. There was never any doubt that it wouldn’t be, but it’s great to finally see it live. Between AJ Michalka’s eerie and alluring cover of ‘Warriors’ to all the heart-wrenching scenes, our minds are still reeling and we suspect yours might be as well. To put things into perspective and get started on the Season 5 theory train, we broke down the most important moments in the trailer and theorized potential possibilities. 

Before we even dip into the material, we have to talk about AJ’s cover of ‘Warriors’. The tone is dark, sultry, and certainly fits the tone of the last season. While we adore the original, this cover conveys the maturity and depth to come this season, reminding us that we’re about to be in for a heck of a journey. It’s the perfect backdrop for the trailer, and at certain moments, it even seems like the lyrics match up to the scenes displayed. We cannot wait to listen to it on repeat when the soundtrack is released.  

The trailer kicks off with Adora, reminding us that she broke the sword in an attempt to choose her own destiny and avoid becoming the weapon that Light Hope wanted. However, several shots in the trailer indicate that she still lacks a path and is trying to find her place in the world without the sword. In one shot, she sits in the Whispering Woods without her signature red Horde jacket, potentially hinting that Adora will finally come to terms with who she is. In another, she stands at the portal in front of a glowing white character (Mara? Another She-Ra? A First One?), looking lost and completely at odds with herself. Identity and destiny have consistently been topics that Adora has wrestled with in past seasons, and the trailer suggests that she will tackle these challenges head-on in Season 5. 

Adora also seems to be trying to learn how to connect with She-Ra without the use of the sword. The final moments of the trailer display her familiar cry of “for the honor of Greyskull”, and she seems to be summoning some type of magic. This circles back to Razz’s words in previous seasons, telling Adora that She-Ra is within her, not the sword. With this knowledge, it’s possible that Razz, or someone else, may teach Adora how to connect with her powers inside and transform into She-Ra without the use of the sword.

Meanwhile, Horde Prime arrives at Etheria, wasting no time in causing havoc. Multiple shots in the trailer show Prime-Bots attacking the princesses, Bow, just about everyone really. As we’ve learned in Season 4, he’s far more ruthless than Hordak, and we anticipate that the rebellion will struggle in their fight against him.

But they will definitely try. Everyone is on the defense, willing to protect their planet from Horde Prime. At one point, Adora says that she can’t do it alone, and Bow reminds her that she isn’t. Like previous seasons, friendship and love will likely play an important role in taking down Horde Prime, and it’s good to see Season 5 following that pattern. The Princess Alliance appears stronger than ever, and with the addition of Scorpia and their many allies, they have a fighting chance. 

Speaking of allies, there appears to be a couple of new characters appearing in Season 5. Noelle hinted at this a couple of months ago, and we get the briefest shot of them in the trailer. We’re unsure about which side they’re on, or even if they’re just background characters, but it’s possible that these two could make an interesting addition to the rebellion. 

Shadow Weaver appears a few times in the trailer, but we’re still unsure as to what to make of her. We certainly don’t trust her, especially not as part of the rebellion. Honestly, we wouldn’t be too surprised if she ended up betraying everyone to join Horde Prime and acquire more power. 

There’s an intense sense of urgency throughout the trailer. Several characters are shown running, and paralleled with the shots of attack from Horde Prime, it leaves us with quite a foreboding warning. At one point, Netossa is shown crying; could something have happened to Spinerella? While this is technically a show geared for younger audiences, there is a potential that characters we love could be hurt, or even die. War usually comes with mass casualties, so while it breaks our hearts to say this, nothing is quite off the table. Still, we hope for otherwise and that all the characters make it out of this season relatively safe and unscathed.

Before we get into discussing Catra and Glimmer aboard Horde Prime’s ship, we wanted to point out a couple very interesting tidbits from the trailer. Horde Prime bids farewell to his oldest enemy; could this be She-Ra? A cat-like creature appears underground; is it a Magicat? Could it be protecting the Heart of Etheria? 

Catra and Glimmer are shown to be still aboard Horde Prime’s ship, potentially kept as prisoners. Glimmer is bold in her distaste for Horde Prime, telling him he will never win. Meanwhile, Catra seems to take on a quieter, more solemn approach. At one point she appears in Glimmer’s room/cell, looking to be a little remorseful. After her brutal defeat and calling out by Double Trouble, there’s heavy potential that she’s regretting her actions and may switch to the other side. Catra’s redemption arc is a story heavily anticipated for Season 5, and we cannot wait to see how it plays out.  

We don’t think they’ll be on Horde Prime’s ship all season, though. One shot in the trailer shows Adora and Bow in space-suits, leading us to think that they’ll go on a mission to rescue them. Or, well, rescue Glimmer. It’s unclear at the moment whether they know Catra is up there with her. 

We know that this season will feature two more episodes written by Noelle Stevenson: ‘Heart’, parts one and two. Based on her previous episodes, these will likely be heavily focused on Catra and Adora. There are a couple of scenes in the trailer that focus on the two. One seems to be a glitch, maybe caused by Horde Prime’s bots, showing Catra reverting from her Season 4 persona to her earlier one. Another shot shows Adora and Catra’s hands reaching for each other, and we predict this will likely happen during ‘Heart’.

Missing from the trailer? Double Trouble. After they called Catra out on her behavior in Season 4, they’re mysteriously absent from this trailer… or are they? Noelle did say that we might not recognize Double Trouble on their first appearance in Season 5, so it’s probable that they’re hiding in the trailer somewhere. We wouldn’t put it past them to disguise themselves as Catra and attempt to fool the rebellion, but the possibilities are endless. 

Overall, we’re extremely hyped for Season 5. It looks to be a crazy intense season that will be full of emotions, and likely pain, if any of the Crew-Ra’s comments are something to go by. Catch the trailer in its entirety below!


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