A Roundup of Twitter Theories for She-Ra Season 5

A Roundup of Twitter Theories for She-Ra Season 5

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With one week to go until the final season of She-Ra, the fandom has been incredibly active on Twitter. For weeks, people have come up with some incredible theories on what they think will happen during Season 5, and we’ve really enjoyed seeing them all. Today we wanted to highlight some of our favorite theories from the fandom so you could enjoy them too! And who knows, maybe it’ll inspire you to get your own theory trains rolling.

Disclaimer: In anticipation of Season 5, we scoured Twitter for the best finale fan theories. We wanted to highlight some of the most interesting ideas, hypotheses and expectations for the season. While reading, remember—these theories are not confirmed and may not actually happen in the show, so this is a spoiler-free zone.

The image of a young Adora and Catra:

She-Ra’s new look:

Glitchy Catra:

Potential new characters:

A Glimmer and Micah reunion:

How She-Ra could come back:

Horde Prime’s plans:

Adora’s potential nightmare:

Potential character death:

Shadow Weaver’s possible fate:

A Catra and Adora team up:

Potential friendship concerns between Bow and Adora:

Potential trouble with Horde Prime and Catra:

Glimmer and Catra being on Horde Prime’s ship together:

The shot of Adora and Catra’s hands:

And finally, the most terrifying theory of all:

Only one week to go! Find out if any of these theories come true when the final season drops on May 15th.


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