The She-Ra Season 5 Drinking Game

The She-Ra Season 5 Drinking Game

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It’s that time again! The premiere of Season 5 is inching every closer, so just like last season, we made a fun drinking game to make watching even more memorable. Just like last season, this game is spoiler free! We wrote out the game about a month before watching Season 5, but we used our best predictions to ensure maximum accuracy.

Whether you play on your first watch or your seventeenth, please consume all beverages responsibly. In case you’ve never played a drinking game before, here are the rules:

  1. Follow the guide below. When a moment on the list comes up, sip/chug/finish your drink depending on the moment’s placement on the list.
  2. You may use any beverage of your choosing. We highly encourage water, so you can stay hydrated amidst all the crying.
  3. Participate at your own leisure. If you’re tapped out, feel free to stop!
  4. Make sure to include snacks, tiny or otherwise. Snacks rock.
  5. This is a game best played with friends. Or roommates. Or significant others. If you don’t have any of those, adopt a cat. Or a dog. Or a scorpion. You do you.

Once you’ve acquired your beverage of choice, start watching She-Ra Season 5. Then…

Take a sip when:

  • Catra makes a good decision
  • Bow’s voice cracks 
  • The Super Pal Trio is reunited
  • Horde Prime is being creepy
  • Double Trouble is shady
  • Mermista is a mood
  • Entrapta saves Hordak from his reprogramming
  • You feel like hugging Scorpia

Chug your drink when:

  • The Glimmer/Catra rescue mission is underway
  • Adora says something hilarious
  • The Heart of Etheria is activated
  • Catra and Glimmer banter
  • Seahawk starts singing
  • Horde Squad screentime (Kyle, Lonnie, Rogelio)
  • Magicat backstory

Finish your glass when:

  • Adora brings back She-Ra without the sword
  • “Hey Adora”
  • Shadow Weaver gets what’s coming to her
  • Horde Prime is defeated
  • Someone cries from happiness instead of sadness
  • Catra apologizes to Scorpia

Raise a glass when:

  • Angella comes back and reunites with her family
  • Princess Prom Part 2
  • Adora changes her outfit
  • Catra joins the Best Friends Squad/Rebellion
  • Entrapta is a proud science geek

Pop the champagne when:

  • Catradora canon

Will you be taking part? We’d love to see your attempts and results. Make sure to leave a comment letting us know, or tag us on Twitter @spopsite!


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