Fun Little Details to Look Out For On Your Next Rewatch of She-Ra Season 5

Fun Little Details to Look Out For On Your Next Rewatch of She-Ra Season 5

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Season 5 has been out for less than a week, but the response to the show’s final season has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve stayed on top of all the hype over on Twitter and we’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone gush over Catra and Adora and point out all of the little details that make this season so amazing.

We went ahead and compiled a list of some of these little details just in case you might have missed them. If you’ve been caught up in all of the Catradora fluff this season, and we could never blame you for that, make sure you look out for these things on your next rewatch! This post contains spoilers for Season 5.

  1. Netossa’s doodles are Noelle Stevenson’s art

In ‘Return to the Fright Zone’, Netossa reveals a notebook where she’s drawn a step-by-step plan on saving her wife from Horde Prime. Not only are the featured doodles adorable, but they’re drawn in showrunner Noelle Stevenson’s signature style. This is especially cute considering she voices Spinnerella. To see more of Noelle’s art, check out her graphic novel Nimona, and her memoir The Fire Never Goes Out!

2. Scorpia tore off the Horde symbol from her outfit

She-Ra Season 5 Trailer: A Final Trip to Greyskull | Collider

Every Horde-soldier-turned-rebellion member has to undergo some sort of wardrobe transformation. In Season One, we saw Adora give up her Force Captain badge for a rebellion pin resembling the royal family’s wings. While Scorpia doesn’t get any cool new additions, she does announce her new allegiance by tearing the Horde symbol off the back of her outfit, solidifying her position as a valued member of the Princess Alliance. We think it suits her perfectly!

3. The Horde Squad adopts an Imp

With Hordak gone and the Fright Zone all but destroyed after the hectic events of Season 4, we were left wondering how our beloved Horde crew was fairing. Though there isn’t much time dedicated to answering this question in Season 5, we do catch a quick glimpse of Lonnie, Kyle, and Rogelio, along with Hordak’s little devil imp carefully strapped across the reptile’s chest like an infant. We’re not sure exactly what happened behind the scenes, but we’re glad to see Rogelio being such a responsible parent.

4. The elements of She-Ra’s new design


This is an important detail of She-Ra’s new redesign, but it’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. It’s clear that the new tiara resembles Catra’s old mask, but there are a couple elements inspired by Bow and Glimmer, too. The heart cutout on She-Ra’s chest resembles the motifs we see on Bow’s crop top and shoes, and the winged heels are an homage to Glimmer and her family. If you watch closely during the transformation sequence, you can see the extra attention paid to these details, highlighting the love that Catra, Glimmer, and Bow have all brought into Adora’s life.

5. Background conversations

When multiple characters are caught up in jumbled conversation, actors will often ad-lib a few lines just to create noise. Sometimes, if you listen closely, you can make out some interesting dialogue. For example, at the end of ‘Taking Control’, where everyone on Mara’s ship is sharing a meal, you might hear Adora saying, “this is almost better than, like, being able to breathe in space.” You might also notice some purring in the background after She-Ra heals Catra in ‘Save the Cat’.

6. The Cephalopod’s Literary Society

‘Perils of Peekablue’ is an action-packed episode with several standout moments from Perfuma, Scorpia, Mermista, and Sea Hawk. Amidst the chaos of dealing with some ex-acquaintances, Mermista tells Sea Hawk “this cannot be like the time you ruined the Cephalopod’s Literary Society.” This brings up a few questions: what exactly goes on at a CLS meeting, and what did Sea Hawk do that left such a poor impression? Did he set a boat on fire? Call them barnacles?  We wanna know!

7. Wrong Hordak’s apron


Everyone on our site team is a huge fan of Wrong Hordak, and watching him cook with Glimmer was a much needed break from all the heavy themes in this season, plus he looks adorable in that apron! But what does it say? We translated the First Ones’ so you don’t have to. Make sure to “smooch the chef” as a thank you for those delicious dehydrated slaw buns.

8. Emily turns away from Entrapta

During ‘Launch’, Entrapta struggles to find her place among the other princesses. After helping the Horde wreak havoc across Etheria, it’s understandable that they’d be a little distrustful. But even Emily, her own creation, turns away when it seems like Entrapta cares about tech more than saving their friend.

9. Melog’s expressions and actions reveal Catra’s true emotions

Catra may not be great at hiding her emotions, but she sure has a tendency to run away from them. That’s why having an animal companion that responds to emotions is so important for her characterization. Melog displays what Catra’s feeling and gives her someone to talk to–someone who can read her like a book and force her to confront her feelings. We didn’t think Catra could get any more iconic, but we were more than happy to be proven wrong.

10. Squadron Grayskull

One of the running mysteries of the first four seasons surrounded around She-Ra’s mighty cry. Masters of the Universe fans know that Grayskull is a castle, named after a king who just so happens to be Adora’s ancestor, but SPOP has never limited itself by the old lore. In Season Five, we discover from a First Ones’ transmission that Grayskull is in fact a rebel squadron, fighting alongside Mara against the tyranny of their people. That’s a pretty interesting discrepancy if you ask us!

What are some fun little details you noticed in Season 5? We want to know! Tag us on Twitter (@spopsite) so we can see them.


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