Why Scorpia is the Best Friend Anyone Could Have

Why Scorpia is the Best Friend Anyone Could Have

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It’s our favorite Scorpion Princess’ birthday today! A textbook cancer, Scorpia is caring, protective, and fiercely loyal. To celebrate her and her beautiful personality, we’ve compiled a list of five reasons Scorpia is the best friend anyone could ask for.

  1. She gives great hugs

It’s the very first thing we learn about her, as well as the final thing we see her doing in the show. With those pincers, your fight or flight response might kick in, but once Scorpia has hold of you, you just can’t let go. Who wouldn’t want to relax in those arms? One hug from this Princess will chase all your fears away and leave you feeling loved–and thoroughly squished!

  1. She’s loyal ’til the end

Both her greatest strength and arguably her greatest weakness, Scorpia will never fail a friend. She’s always able to see the good in someone–even if they lash out at her. She may have some work to do in understanding her own worth, but one thing’s for sure: Scorpia doesn’t give up on those she cares about. There will always be a spot for forgiveness in her heart.

  1. She’ll call you out

That said, Scorpia is no doormat. Mistreat her one too many times, and she’ll tell it to you straight. It may be a struggle for her to admit when you hurt her, but rest assured, she won’t tolerate it. Scorpia cultivates healthy friendships through her cheerful disposition and kind heart, and is always willing to give a second chance, but she won’t allow herself to be taken advantage of, which we think is a great quality in a lifelong friend.

  1. She gives the best pep talks

If anyone can uplift a despondent soul, it’s Scorpia. She has plenty of practice hyping herself up in the mirror, after all. Scorpia can see the bright side of any situation, and she knows how to make just about anyone smile. Her encouragement comes from a place of love and understanding, so you know when she says “You can do this,” she really means it.

  1. She uses her powers to protect 

With the power of the Black Garnet at her disposal, Scorpia stands to be one of the most powerful Princesses of Etheria. Her crackling crimson electricity and mighty muscles could easily level armies, but she uses them to protect her friends instead. With great power comes great responsibility, as the saying goes, and Scorpia takes it seriously. Tenacious and dependable as ever, she leaves no holds barred when it comes to saving those she loves.

What do you love about Scorpia? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter! Happy birthday Scorpia!


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